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Well assembled bedroll helps you when traveling light

Back in the days of the Old West, a cowboy’s bedroll was much different than we imagine as overnight travelers, hikers, or campers today. Today’s bedroll generally means a hastily thrown together and rolled up sleeping bag, perhaps with a pillow and additional blankets tossed in, maybe even including a good change of underwear and one day’s outerwear. We strap all this together and shove it into the trunk of the car, or if we’re real outdoors adventurers, onto a bicycle, motorcycle, or horse.

As you may have read here in a past article, the cowboy’s bedroll was much more like a 19th Century equivalent to a really well-designed piece of carry-on or over-night luggage. He used it to haul those special, personal valuables that were near and dear to him in addition to sleeping gear.

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