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If you love Western fiction here’s a site that reviews Westerns

Ran onto a nice resource blog for all of us who love Western fiction. Don’t know why I hadn’t found this website before. It’s a blog called “Western Fiction Review,” and it pretty much does exactly that: The author of the blog has some really nicely written reviews of Western fiction, mostly novels, both current and past, and some fascinating interviews with some Western writers — also current and recent past.

Come to find out, all those naysayers who have been calling Western fiction “dead” as a novel genre might have spoken just a little too soon. This website will tickle your fancy and renew your faith in the survival of the Western if you go there regularly and look around.

Western fiction reviews as well as author interviews

I haven’t looked all around the site yet, but I already would recommend it. I found this blog by Googling the name of an old friend of mine who’s been a very prolific Western novelist for more years than he or I would be willing to own up to — and, no, I have no idea how many Western novels and other Western fiction he has written over his long and prolific career — Frank Roderus (whom I believe I’ve referred to here before). Be sure to look around the “Western Fiction Review” site and read that interview, as well as several other very interesting interviews.

Wish I could locate more “About” information concerning the blogger running that site. If you should happen to read this post and recognize your blog, leave me a “Contact” message, and identify yourself, so’s I can give you the credit due!

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  1. Old Hoppy says:

    Hi Will. I just sent you email regarding your book.

    “Old Hoppy”

  2. Will Von Zastrow says:

    I recently self-published a western novel entitled “Rustler’s Canyon.” I’d love to send you a copy. Would you be interested? If so, could you give me your address?

    Many thanks,

    Will Von Zastrow

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