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If you love the Old West, take a look at another very useful site

I found another site dedicated to the history and tales of America’s Old West that you really need to see if you haven’t seen it yet: Legends of America bills itself as “a travel site for the nostalgic and historic minded.” It really is all that and more.

I don’t know the good folks who run the “Legends of America” site, but they seem nice enough folks and they’ve got some great stories, excellent historical information, fascinating merchandise to offer, great travel information, some great travel photos they’ve taken throughout the West — and even some family photos of site owner Kathy Weiser and her husband and kids.

So in the spirit of “friendly competition” for all that Internet traffic out there, I encourage you to have a look around “Legends of America” — but make sure you come right home here afterward, and when you get there, wipe yer feet carefully, take yer hat of indoors, and be polite to Ms. Kathy and the others.

Good manners make good neighbors — sort of part of that “code of the West,” ain’t it?

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