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Horse rugs make great gifts for the holidays

Horse rugs make great gifts for the holidays, both for horse lovers and horses. When we speak of “horse rugs,” we are using the term in two distinct ways.

1. Horse rugs are part of the tack used to keep horses warm while housed in their barn or stable. A horse rug is the term given to a variety of heavy weight blankets put on horses in stables for added warmth in cool and cold weather. They perform a valuable service by keeping the animal’s own body heat close by for winter warmth. They generally are shaped like a regular horse blanket that drapes over the horse’s back from neck to tail, but they have a double buckle in front to secure them to the horse, along with various snaps to snug them into place. Some even add a cozy touch with fur lining to cover the horse’s withers.

2. Horse rugs are beautifully designed rugs featuring horses to brighten your home and decorate your floors. They may be designed in horse shapes or are decorated with horses and horse patterns, and they bring joy to horse lovers everywhere. Many horse rugs themed like this enhance the homes of owners, and may even be done with the colors or insignia emblem of a particular horse breeder or horse farm. Such rugs may be custom made, even hand woven, and may retail for thousands of dollars.

Other horse rugs are small throw rugs or area rugs showing wild horses on the run or racing horses on the track. Horse patterns in rugs make delightful decor for children’s rooms. They may enhance the beauty and usability of every area of a horse lover’s home, from bedrooms to bathrooms to patios.

Shop around. There are some excellent buys in horse tack, saddles, and saddle supplies at websites online, and many home decor specialty shops online or off line that will have exactly the right horse themed decor for your gift ideas. Horse rugs really do make great gifts — both for horses and to brighten any horse lover’s holiday!

So whether you’re looking for a holiday gift for someone who owns horses or someone who love their beauty but is unable to own a horse — the rugs themed with horses is an ideal piece of decor for the home. And if your horse lover already has horses, give him both a rug for home decor and a stable blanket horse rug for one or more of his animals.

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