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Western Expansion

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America’s westward expansion created the “life in the Old West” this website is all about. But it wasn’t an orderly or well-planned expansion. Given the scope of people involved and the huge territory in which it took place, the migration westward ranks as one of the greatest population and cultural events of modern history. When you add in the cultural clashes and myriad details of America’s westward growth, it’s impossible to fathom all that the term “expansion” entailed in American history. You’ll find links below to an ever-growing collection of articles telling about the nation’s westward growth, from pioneers on foot or horseback to wagons and finally the growth of railroads. You’ll even read that westward expansion motivated by land and gold rushes reshaped even the environment of the entire continent. Within the articles in this “Western Expansion” category you’ll also find many links to real-time auctions at eBay on gold prospecting supplies and a wide variety of Western memorabilia.

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