Life in the Old West

True stories, tall tales, memorabilia of the American West


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What would life in the Old West have been like without cowboys?

It’s hard to imagine a “wild West” or any other sort of West if you subtract the tales and tall tales that have made America’s love affair with cowboys what it is. Generations have grown up reading Western books and watching Western films and television based on cowboy lore. Some of it is even true, after a fashion. Click on links to our ever-growing library of cowboy stories below in the “Cowboys” category. You’ll find out about what cowboys did for fun, how their best friend was not only their horse but their cowboy bedroll — and you’ll even find some articles with convenient links to and eBay to help you find cowboy hats, boots, and other apparel. (Heck, you’ll even find detailed discussion and links to buy supplies to make your own bedroll!)

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