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Add Old West fun to your home with Western signs, furnishings

Add some Old West fun to your “homestead” — whether that’s a cabin, ranch house, or an apartment in the city — with some Western plaques and signs or any of a variety of home furnishings from our online merchant partners.

You may have noticed in our site indexes at the top and bottom of each page, that we offer links to Native American Collectibles, Old West Collectibles, Gold Prospecting Supplies, and Western Decor. (Go ahead, jump up to the top of the page or down to the bottom menu or over to the right sidebar and click on the various tabs to look around for yourself. I’ll wait right here.) As part of the fun of this website, we partner with such quality online merchant partners as Black Forest Decor, Lone Star Western Decor,, eBay, and Amazon, to offer you quick access to such deals as Western Signs,
Old West home furnishings and bedding.

Once in awhile I try to feature some of the fun and useful Western products and supplies we offer, because they make great gifts as well as very practical ways to decorate your home and have some fun that’s an expression of your love for the Old West. You’ll notice, too, that I make reference to books and magazines I read for information to put these website articles together. Most of those references contain links to Amazon or eBay or other sites where you can look for the books to read and enjoy for yourself.

If you read the Compensation Disclosure and the Privacy Policy found on our website, you know that I do earn some income from merchandise you purchase through links on this website. I’m completely open about that, and I want you to know about it. This website and several blogs that my wife and I work to keep running are important to us, and important to our living. We do it because we love it — and some day maybe we’ll earn enough at it to “make a living.” Meanwhile, I usually earn about enough to pay for monthly web hosting and for now that’s a good start.

Take a look at the Old West signs, Western lamps, Western furniture, and other goodies you might find fun and useful for your home. Give a look at our prospecting supplies and you might find a new form of recreation roaming through the hills, rivers, and valleys near where you live — even finding a bit of gold or other precious metals to make it worth your time.

Enjoy it all as part of the heritage of life in the Old West which we know and love!

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